Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supper with Coco Chanel

Diet is my big problem and all women problem and maybe men too ;p, especially i have gastric so it's difficult for me to not eat in the midnight ;P because my sleep time very bad one :) anyway two days ago I made salad for my supper at least I was trying to eat vegetable. I had mixed lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom and for the dressing of course lovely balsamic, lemon, mayonnaise mixed with mustard and black pepper! voila! ..yummy!! and my supper really super with Coco Chanel movie..yeah I watched it, french one "Coco avant Chanel" but for me I prefer the English version because the showed more about fashion and how she worked hard for it. I love some of her clothes very modern and classic! and her ideas so brilliant! but more than that the message for me as long you know what your dream and give effort for them you will get them! I know she never been married but she had the true love from boy :)) but unlucky for her and him destiny can be so c'est tres bien!!! alors....nice supper avec Coco!


  1. i LOVE coco Chanel !!!:) absolutely!!! where do you get the English version ?

  2. Hi thanks for the comment :) Coco Chanel has two movies first is the English version in 2008 actually they play it on American television Movie :) and the new one is Coco Avant Chanel in 2009 you can get both on dvd :D