Sunday, June 24, 2012

Le Petit Paris

Being a 27 years old seems like "argghh! my 20's almost end!" I'm still single and still fabulous hahaha.. well like usual, I love to treat my friends at my balcony, instead go to restaurant (I wish I have a backyard!). I always wanna make outdoor party for ages but I just can make it happened since last year. Last year I made English theme with high tea style, and the lovely thing in this party was I got the limited edition of Twinings tea "Royal Wedding" edition... yeay!! me and my guests drank it like we were invited by the Royal family lol. ( I will post about this later)

This year I want something simple and a bit mature, so Le Petit Paris be my theme this year.... I don't like formal things,so I made casual french dinner party with 5 courses!! hahaha but don't expect too much I just made it very simple because I was very busy with my little patisserie.... but I was so happy when my friends eat my dishes with smile :)

2nd course (the first one forgot to be taken)- Amouse Bouche, made by bacon, shrimp, scallop and balsamic sauce

The Girls 

3rd courses - Salad with Dijon and Olive oil dressing

Our Main Course!! Chicken Confit (sorry the skin inside my tummy)

Can't go home without the aromatic carrot yummy!

The confetti was not fair!

A storm just passed.... lol