Friday, December 11, 2009

Affair from The Wedding

I have told you about my cousin wedding before... and actually I saw a good looking man was speaking with my older cousin, my mom and aunt actually the first person who mention this guy they asked me..." is he her boyfriend?" I said " I don't know...maybe but if he is...she got the beautiful vase! but maybe he just her good friend." And they chatted for a while and the guy walked out and the good coincidence when he walked out, our eyes met! he's so handsome actually..tall, very clean and neat but casual too, yeah everything which women need :)
after the party over I didn't see him anymore and when we want to go home my mom ask my cousin.." the guy who speak with you before, is he your boyfriend?" and my cousin just smiled and said " Amien" what?? she didn't answer the question literally but the conclusion we made he's not ;P

At the party I saw the bride's mother *my aunt* looked not really happy, I can bet she was crying, but when we asked her, she just said she tired lately with this wedding things. But the fact! I just knew a few days ago the bride *my cousin* want cancel this wedding because she doesn't love the man and she's not sure with him....*sigh*....and the thing make me shock the handsome guy who we met before, who talked with my older cousin is her boyfriend ANOTHER boyfriend it's mean. The bride's boyfriend should be the bride's affair. I just can say WoW! and she loves this guy. So why she must still continue relationship with the man who has become her husband now if she love another guy, and why she has to married with this man if she doesn't love him. I know the husband not good looking and very old, have a big gap ages but he's kind and helpful man....I think it's not fair for him. My aunt so stress because of this but yeah what we can do... I don't know how she can pass her new life if they don't have a good foundation and no love inside.


  1. maybe for money..
    I know the same affair... we try to broke them up, because yes, the girl have another boyfriend, but she still with her longtime boyfriend - soon to be fiancee.. we think it's because of the money..

    the affair is much more poor than the longtime boyfriend..

    but all we tried, is failed..
    because the longtime boyfriend believe his girlfriend more.. *sigh*

    My friend know better about these..

  2. yeah for sure it's all about money dear..what else...and actually the parents from the woman side like her husband, he's really kind, helpful and humble person but yeah physicaly....big no. But as long you got the chemistry everything will be ok..hope so.