Sunday, December 6, 2009

Wedding Season

I don’t know why December is like wedding season.. I got so many wedding invitation from my cousin and some from my dad’s relative, for this weekend I got 2 invitation for today and tomorrow. Maybe because they want plan the baby XD so perhaps the baby will born in summer *like me* :D. My parents wedding on 18 December too but they postpone me until 2 years because my mom scared to be pregnant…yeah some women feel the same way, so do I.

I’m simple woman because I don’t like make up, and dressing a good cloths :)) it doesn’t mean my fashion taste is bad, I love some simple, vintage,sporty fashion indeed. But i just wear the comfortable outfit for me, and the problem when you got party like wedding you have to make up and dressing nicely, so it’s mean I have go to salon *ugh!!* for my hair..because just information my hair is curly and difficult to arrange :( but I still love them XD

When I go to the wedding party the most annoying is when others family or friends asking me..have I worked? ugh! I am still jobless now almost 6 months since I was graduate, and it already made me so depress, but If you stay in my country it’s a common problem, but I don’t wanna talk about it now, I will tell you later.

For wedding tonight I think it will be great as I remember this party will be celebrate in a convention center so it will be a big party… I don’t know the couple because they are my dad’s company partner children. I hope they will have sushi XD on the wedding. For tomorrow I will have my cousin wedding in afternoon!!! What?!!! I don’t know why but mostly the wedding party in my country is the night time….I hate if they do this in afternoon, because just simple reason it’s not dark! so they can see me clearly when I come out from the car….and I don’t like it. Hope will tell you what happen on the wedding tomorrow….ciao!

Weather: quite dark, it’s gonna big rain *great!* they can wash my make up!

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