Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aftertaste Of Harry Potter

Hogwarts Hogwarts Hoggy Warty Hogwarts
Teach us something please
Whether we be old and bald or young with scabby knees
Our heads could do with filling with some interesting stuff
For now they're bare and full of air
Dead flies and bits of fluff
So teach us things worth knowing
Bring back what we've forgot
Just do your best we'll do the rest and learn until our brains all rot

Actually I have written about this article 2 weeks ago but I haven't published...well because I have watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow today so I have to edit all of this article which is the title was "Excited About Harry Potter" lol
I watched HPDH with Indo Harry Potter ( The community for Harry Potter fans in Indonesia)...I always watch with them, every time Harry Potter movies are played in cinema. In Indonesia Harry Potter fans also love to cosplay and pretend to be like one of Harry Potter's character. Before the movie was played they had some games or today they had 7 potters game and it was so funny!!

Well after all the games and trivia had been done, the movie was played and everybody was getting excited :)) and my heart was beating so hard wkwkwkwkwkw....overall the movie is really cool! I can feel all the emotional from every character...and when Dobby was killed by Bellatrix I cried!! gosh....
The unforgettable moment for me is when 7 Potters' scene. Harry wore the BRA!!! lmao!! I can't stop laughing! even now when I'm writing about this....I remember that scene...*take a bow for Dan!* he's really professional!

After so much fun today I went home, but I feel something pain and sad.....and I know what it's because I know the fact that Harry Potter series will over soon and it will be next year on July. I still can't believe it...I really scare..I live 10 years and grown up with Harry Potter's world... I live in JK.Rowling's writing and her story means a lot for me..honestly Harry Potter and JK.Rowling influence me so bad, because of her I decided to be a writer :) even I haven't published any books except one poems for Michael Jackson's book and I'm working in magazine as journalist, but I prefer to be called as writer hahahahahaha okay soon I will be the real one! *cross the fingers*

Like or not it will be happened...HP will be ended and hope I won't cry like a baby...*even I'm sure I will!* well...thanks for your writing Jo :) and I miss your writing so badly and I will miss Harry Potter things start next year...


Sunday, November 7, 2010

RIP Our Dear Friend

Actually I wanna write about how excited I am about the last Harry Potter movie...but I just got a message my friend just passed away this morning....I don't really know too much  or close with him. I just knew him.  We were in different class, but in some subjects  we had to join the class together. I remember he was a tall and quite big guy with sense of humor.
It's so sad when you can see his words on facebook, sms or can hear his voice on absolutely gone....but just keep the beautiful memories about him and we will always remember him as good as he was. :)
Who ever he was, he's still a part of my life, our life......I'm sure he even didn't know my name..anyway...good bye dear in peace...I pray for your soul and may God forgives and keep you.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dare to Be Different

I don't even know...if I have sense of art or not, because when I enrolled for design major in a university they rejected me :). Maybe I was not good enough..... but I just can't lie to myself if I love design and arts. For me writing is a part of art, I love to make and create something. One thing made me happy when someday my boss said to me " you're eccentric!" hahahahah well, maybe not all of you like to be called like that, but for me it's really cool because people see and feel me with extraordinary thoughts!! lol *when you read this..maybe you'll say "oh're so freak!"* But like what Kurt Cobain said " I'd rather for who I am than loved for who I am not."

I realized why grown ups mostly forget what they dreams and passed their life with regrets, when you're working for something not really you.... actually you have been training to accept the ordinary life. yeah..the reason is always same in many centuries, money. But why we can't give our self a chance to be different.... ;P I'm still trying and  I always remind myself to not be like "nous= them!" hihihihi
I hope I can be more creative and not easy to give is really hard but still have a beautiful rainbow. I really need to be strong and tough but still have an honest heart :)) and more than anything still humble XD

Halloween Surprised

As Indonesian we really seldom to celebrate Halloween as a big event, especially when I was a child. Well... because I always excited about festival or events, I tried to make a little surprise for my friend in the office. So the idea is about little spooky with humor sense, and finally I made little coffins for them and the Dead's fingers, it was so much fun!! especially when I put them on their table....I really enjoyed watch every reactions on their face lol. Actually I wanted to make more snacks like blood candies and jelly eyes balls....but I didn't have much time to make them.....well enjoy the photos and TRICK OR TREAT----------------> sorry fellas it's too late.
Single Coffin ala MOI! ^^
Inside the coffin is mummy doll, dead's finger cookies, spooky candies.*who wants to buy just let me know*
 yeah! the delicious Dead's Finger XD everybody love them!!

Now it's time for me to think what I will do for Christmas......maybe I will try to make water globe with my picture inside hahahahaha!! I just really love do something with my fingers...that's why I love typing a lot lmao!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Say IT!

Well...write for our job and for pleasure has a big gap! I just realized when I work for magazine...both of them are really fun :) but when write for our job we got so much pressure. I miss the moment when I write poems or novels....where I can share and reflection about life, nature and human being.

But since I'm working as journalist I found a new and exciting thing...Photography :) it's really fun and when I got a good photo or moment which is I captured, I feel so happy.

Honestly I'm on dilemma situation....I have a lot of ideas and I don't know how to express them... I just feel I'm not satisfied with this condition, I want more.....okay let say it's an ambition XD lol