Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Supper with Coco Chanel

Diet is my big problem and all women problem and maybe men too ;p, especially i have gastric so it's difficult for me to not eat in the midnight ;P because my sleep time very bad one :) anyway two days ago I made salad for my supper at least I was trying to eat vegetable. I had mixed lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom and for the dressing of course lovely balsamic, lemon, mayonnaise mixed with mustard and black pepper! voila! ..yummy!! and my supper really super with Coco Chanel movie..yeah I watched it, french one "Coco avant Chanel" but for me I prefer the English version because the showed more about fashion and how she worked hard for it. I love some of her clothes very modern and classic! and her ideas so brilliant! but more than that the message for me as long you know what your dream and give effort for them you will get them! I know she never been married but she had the true love from boy :)) but unlucky for her and him destiny can be so c'est tres bien!!! alors....nice supper avec Coco!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me Jellyfish

I don't want post something depression or gloomy actually but I have to share it maybe someone has the same experience or maybe an advice.... it's almost 6 months i become a jobless, not really one actually I can't stay at home and keep silent... I have to move so..I join with extraordinary community which is give me so much chances and I really thank for that, we have some events and they are quite make me stress for fact, but I enjoy it. The problem is they are not a stable job...I need something seriously job it doesn't mean what i had done before not serious one. I am still looking who I am and what my purpose is.... yeah maybe you can tell me I am just think too much, but it's so important for me because life only once and very short.. lately I feel I am the stupid Jellyfish, just swim in the ocean don't know where I will go....

Friday, December 11, 2009

Affair from The Wedding

I have told you about my cousin wedding before... and actually I saw a good looking man was speaking with my older cousin, my mom and aunt actually the first person who mention this guy they asked me..." is he her boyfriend?" I said " I don't know...maybe but if he is...she got the beautiful vase! but maybe he just her good friend." And they chatted for a while and the guy walked out and the good coincidence when he walked out, our eyes met! he's so handsome actually..tall, very clean and neat but casual too, yeah everything which women need :)
after the party over I didn't see him anymore and when we want to go home my mom ask my cousin.." the guy who speak with you before, is he your boyfriend?" and my cousin just smiled and said " Amien" what?? she didn't answer the question literally but the conclusion we made he's not ;P

At the party I saw the bride's mother *my aunt* looked not really happy, I can bet she was crying, but when we asked her, she just said she tired lately with this wedding things. But the fact! I just knew a few days ago the bride *my cousin* want cancel this wedding because she doesn't love the man and she's not sure with him....*sigh*....and the thing make me shock the handsome guy who we met before, who talked with my older cousin is her boyfriend ANOTHER boyfriend it's mean. The bride's boyfriend should be the bride's affair. I just can say WoW! and she loves this guy. So why she must still continue relationship with the man who has become her husband now if she love another guy, and why she has to married with this man if she doesn't love him. I know the husband not good looking and very old, have a big gap ages but he's kind and helpful man....I think it's not fair for him. My aunt so stress because of this but yeah what we can do... I don't know how she can pass her new life if they don't have a good foundation and no love inside.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disaster Wedding Party ver 2

Hi all! finally my second wedding party has over :) but just like what I said yesterday my prophet become true! the 3 things XD. One of my cousin gave me a list of men hahahahah OH GOSH! but I didn't hear clearly ;P as I remember one of the is an athlete the swimmer man!! he can swim 20 meters with zzz seconds *forgot* and the other one is marketing manager he graduated from German... my cousin very busy to promote them to me, I just laugh and said...thanks but maybe later. One by one start to ask me why im not on diet *is it your problem?* gezz...I said oh yeah I will, thanks for remind me about the new resolution for next year XD. But i got a story behind the perfect wedding, I saw my aunt looked not really happy with her daughter wedding and I just knew if my cousin almost canceled her wedding because she not sure with this man, but the the parents don't like this idea because all invitations have been delivered.... I though I will watch runaway bride live, but yeah...I hope she will be fine, even I don't know how. Not happy wedding huh? but nothing shame things happened to me :D lucky me!

Disaster Wedding Party ver 1

I never imagined before, my high heels broken off!! GREAT! first I was quite nervous because I used my old high heels because very rare for me to use them, only for party actually.... When I arrived at the party everything was going well and when I was trying walk in the good way suddenly they broken off! I even went to the wedding desk yet! I didn't bring another shoes and no glue or anything....So I went to security desk and ask them they have any staples or sellotape *I didn't have any ideas* ...and the good security said they only have sellotape and finally I sellotape my high heels! TADA!!! can you imagine it? I just can think no one see my shoes in the party..and yeah lucky me all the guests busy with their food...

I was looking for champagne or wine but they didn't have it, only soft drink and water blah! but the food really nice... I was full enough :D especially for the dessert, they had caramel puddings and cheese cake my fave ones! I think for these 2 days I shouldn't think about diet or my weight! Oh SINS!!! XD but what can I do..... *trying to escape* btw I hope tomorrow will better from today because tomorrow is my cousin's wedding, I need to think about which shoes I should wear because the last one already hopeless ;P and yeah tomorrow will be family reunion...just hope no one will be busybody, but my feeling says they will ask me about 2 things or maybe 3.... job, boyfriend and diet XD so see tomorrow, my little prophets will be proven.

Wedding Season

I don’t know why December is like wedding season.. I got so many wedding invitation from my cousin and some from my dad’s relative, for this weekend I got 2 invitation for today and tomorrow. Maybe because they want plan the baby XD so perhaps the baby will born in summer *like me* :D. My parents wedding on 18 December too but they postpone me until 2 years because my mom scared to be pregnant…yeah some women feel the same way, so do I.

I’m simple woman because I don’t like make up, and dressing a good cloths :)) it doesn’t mean my fashion taste is bad, I love some simple, vintage,sporty fashion indeed. But i just wear the comfortable outfit for me, and the problem when you got party like wedding you have to make up and dressing nicely, so it’s mean I have go to salon *ugh!!* for my hair..because just information my hair is curly and difficult to arrange :( but I still love them XD

When I go to the wedding party the most annoying is when others family or friends asking me..have I worked? ugh! I am still jobless now almost 6 months since I was graduate, and it already made me so depress, but If you stay in my country it’s a common problem, but I don’t wanna talk about it now, I will tell you later.

For wedding tonight I think it will be great as I remember this party will be celebrate in a convention center so it will be a big party… I don’t know the couple because they are my dad’s company partner children. I hope they will have sushi XD on the wedding. For tomorrow I will have my cousin wedding in afternoon!!! What?!!! I don’t know why but mostly the wedding party in my country is the night time….I hate if they do this in afternoon, because just simple reason it’s not dark! so they can see me clearly when I come out from the car….and I don’t like it. Hope will tell you what happen on the wedding tomorrow….ciao!

Weather: quite dark, it’s gonna big rain *great!* they can wash my make up!