Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disaster Wedding Party ver 1

I never imagined before, my high heels broken off!! GREAT! first I was quite nervous because I used my old high heels because very rare for me to use them, only for party actually.... When I arrived at the party everything was going well and when I was trying walk in the good way suddenly they broken off! I even went to the wedding desk yet! I didn't bring another shoes and no glue or anything....So I went to security desk and ask them they have any staples or sellotape *I didn't have any ideas* ...and the good security said they only have sellotape and finally I sellotape my high heels! TADA!!! can you imagine it? I just can think no one see my shoes in the party..and yeah lucky me all the guests busy with their food...

I was looking for champagne or wine but they didn't have it, only soft drink and water blah! but the food really nice... I was full enough :D especially for the dessert, they had caramel puddings and cheese cake my fave ones! I think for these 2 days I shouldn't think about diet or my weight! Oh SINS!!! XD but what can I do..... *trying to escape* btw I hope tomorrow will better from today because tomorrow is my cousin's wedding, I need to think about which shoes I should wear because the last one already hopeless ;P and yeah tomorrow will be family reunion...just hope no one will be busybody, but my feeling says they will ask me about 2 things or maybe 3.... job, boyfriend and diet XD so see tomorrow, my little prophets will be proven.

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