Friday, February 4, 2011

NeYer New Life: Let's To Be Different

AHA!! It's already the second month from our new year 2011! time is running baby.... well I will fulfill this year with spirit to be different....I'm trying to be humble but I just can't stop my finger to type about a fact "I'm Out Of The Box Person" all right...don't f****ing me about that sentence because it's true *my nose is going up and up!* but in fact my boss and some of my collages said like that to me and honestly I'm so proud about that. I never tried to be different actually or think like no one..but Mr.Lopy *a snail inside my skull* can't be quite to give me strange or weird opinions about anything.

Anyway I have some plan for my self this year to make me be a better person, to make my family, friends and environment be better :) * gosh feel like a super hero* I hope!soon! I will have my own treasure box :) which is full of love, ideas, arts, crafting and story....I will drag people's attention to look at my treasure box hihihihihi well maybe you will say it's too much, too ambitious bla and bla....but I just know I have a lot of magic dust in my pocket ;P and I know God beside me XD

I'm trying to make people understand about them self....and only them can make a change... *starting with the man in the mirror-----by: Michael Jackson*

Honestly I miss my boys and girls....they are waiting to be written and introduce them self to the world.