Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dare To Dream it's FREE!

Actually I have written this my little thought 3 years ago and I published it on my other blog but of course not in English. But now I'm trying to make a little bit revision with this my little article but still have the same meaning. I usually write motivation things to motivate my self and of course with my experiences :)

How many of us always dream about be something better, get something great, be someone special, get a better job or career of even you dream about around the world, tell your dream to your family, friends and maybe your boy/girlfriend and then they say " Oh seriously, for get about's just a dream,too impossible to get in the reality life, please be realistic." BUT my question, is it wrong? the answer of course not. If people not dream about something impossible things you may not enjoy the electricity, airplane, even internet! This world made by dreams, from the people who dares to dreams.

For me people who lives without dreams so pathetic like a zombie, pass this live and their ways just because I MUST! and what else! and people start to forget their deepest dream inside just because this life demand us to be "Normal" but have you known if maybe one of your dreams is your gift,your present and it can be come true.

One day one of my friends sent me a birthday card and she wrote "Don't stop to dream because from dreams everything can be."
I just want to warning all of you, dream is very good for your soul and for your FUTURE. As long you hold your dreams, take the action, never give up, always try and try and believe you can do it!! and you will get it :)

From my entire life observations and see all the greatest man in this world like inventor, entrepreneur, success people, etc. I asked my self, how they can do that things?? people said they are crazy before, it was non sense! and I asked my self again it was because they are smart? BUT finally I got the simple answer and if you want to know why... they start it with their DREAMS, from dreams who thinks it can't be, it's impossible, but they made it happened and proof it.

Dreams can be an idea which is change your life and your world forever. God give us gifts and give the greatest processor in this world!! and no one can change it. It is our super brain :) use it wisely with your heart, patient, hard work, pray and BELIEVE! So let's dreams! because It's FREE!

note: I always try to make my dreams come true and you know what I have gotten some of them be real ones :)

My Quote: "Sometimes we have to learn like children because they know how to dream and believe in - Felice."

"In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe" - Michael Jackson

The Future Belong To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know this series have been showed since last year but I've not watched them especially they don't play on my TV local. So few weeks ago I saw people talking this series and my friend talked about this too, She said it's musical. That's why I'm so interesting with this series, then I searched about this in a forum and I got the link to download them..yeay!! yesterday I watched Ep.1 and I'm falling in love with Glee!! honestly I seldom to watch US TV Series except they be played in TV Local. Now Glee is my favorite TV show!! hahahaha
I love musical movies since I was a child like Grease, Center Stage, That thing you do, Bring it on, etc. I love music and dance. I was a dancer before :D and I had dreamed be a dancer someday lol, anyway I love the story and all songs in this series especially their voices so amazing. And they nominated *maybe win too---> not sure about this because I've not read the news* golden globe! Now I'm downloading the second part :) can't wait to watch it soon!

Writer wanna Be

I love writing since I was a child but for me it's just like my hobby, I remember the first time I made a short story because I didn't have money to give my bestie present. So I thought what should I do...then I tried to make a short story and now I forgot the title XD. But the theme was about teenagers life who has a magic power and a bit thriller, I think that because I read too much fear street hahahahahaha. So from that day I wrote a lot short story but the background and theme had changed be Chinese culture lol *Oh my God...* Now I wonder why I wrote about that.
So after the Chinese theme addicted had passed I wrote so many story which is never been finished, I call these file "Idea Bank" because they just have 5 pages until 12 pages I just can't finished them...
Lately I try to write poems and poetry, actually in many years ago I thought I wouldn't do that but the fact now I enjoy it :) and I show to some of my friends and they love my poems :D honestly it makes me so happy....and one day I showed my unfinished story to one of my friend and she said " you should write them till finish, I want to know the next". I'm not confidence to finish them but a month ago I decided to try write them till finish :) I know it will be hard and difficult but my friends always support me and give comments, advices for my writing. So now I have been in chapter 3 :) hope everything will be going well and someday and maybe a publisher like my story :)I would like to be a writer :) L.O.V.E

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hush hush from late Holiday *cooking edition*

Hi everybody!! Ok Holiday has been over and my last post was in the last year so I will say Happy Belated Christmas and New Year, I know it's very late but at least I said it :) anyway I was so busy for Christmas and New Year, prepare the decoration and cooking! yes! I made nice dinner on the Christmas eve. First we didn't have turkey so I made roasted Chicken with Honey sauce :) I will give you this receipt maybe you can try at your home. My family love this so much. By the way maybe this is my bad habit but it always work I never had counts for the ingredients just use my feeling but I try to make it clear to you, don't worry :)

Roasted Honey Chicken

1 Chicken
150 gr bacon
1 lemon
Black paper
Olive oil
1/2 tsp Mustard
4-5 Tsp honey
8 Tsp Soy Sauce

Ok let start to cook in your head first :)
1. Clean the chicken first and let it dry, separate the chicken skin from the meat *back side*
2. Mixed Butter with a pinch of rosemary and thyme, put them inside the skin.
3. Cut the bacon into dice, seasoning them with salt and black paper
4. Cut the lemon into 4
5. Now put all the bacon and lemon inside the chicken and tide the legs with string
6. Mixed Honey, mustard and soy sauce
7. Seasoning the chicken with olive oil, salt and black paper
8. roasted it into oven with 180-200 degree and every 10 minutes you can seasoning the chicken with the mixed from no 6, until it done. approximately 30-50 minutes. it depends on your oven and how big the chicken :))

Hope you understand all the instruction LOL. But the result really great!! I love this so much!