Sunday, December 6, 2009

Disaster Wedding Party ver 2

Hi all! finally my second wedding party has over :) but just like what I said yesterday my prophet become true! the 3 things XD. One of my cousin gave me a list of men hahahahah OH GOSH! but I didn't hear clearly ;P as I remember one of the is an athlete the swimmer man!! he can swim 20 meters with zzz seconds *forgot* and the other one is marketing manager he graduated from German... my cousin very busy to promote them to me, I just laugh and said...thanks but maybe later. One by one start to ask me why im not on diet *is it your problem?* gezz...I said oh yeah I will, thanks for remind me about the new resolution for next year XD. But i got a story behind the perfect wedding, I saw my aunt looked not really happy with her daughter wedding and I just knew if my cousin almost canceled her wedding because she not sure with this man, but the the parents don't like this idea because all invitations have been delivered.... I though I will watch runaway bride live, but yeah...I hope she will be fine, even I don't know how. Not happy wedding huh? but nothing shame things happened to me :D lucky me!

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