Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 eleven, Glee and English Lesson

Last Saturday me and my friend Jen met our classmate when we were still in campus. She brought her new friend from Netherlands. When we knew it we were quite nervous because we scared with our English lol. For writing we still ok but speaking a big OH UH! it's not our habit to speak English in daily life. So we met them in Japanese Ramen restaurant and he was so kind :) we tried to speak briefly with him and lucky he got it ;P..felt so relief lol. So from that restaurant we went to 7 eleven, Me and Jen haven't gone to 7 eleven in Jakarta *they just opened it 2 months ago* and I wanted to buy slushee *I always remember Glee every time I see this drink* ;P I had tried this beverage before when I was child and never drink it anymore and as I know 7/11 has it, so we went there and unpredictable it was quite crowded, maybe because it was a weekend :) and finally I bought the SUPER BIG GULP!!blueberry flavor lol was really fun! and they sell many hot food like spaghetti, burger, sandwich, hot dog, bento. etc. I keep the Super Big Gulp cup until now and it was for Glee photo contest lol yeah hope I will win!! I love Glee so much, really nice series.
after 7/11 we went to Pisa cafe and we listened live music, talked with our new friend and it was really fun, he told us what his opinion about our country, and some story about his country, and he liked Michael Jackson too!! :D awesome! :))
actually it was a simple and casual weekend. But for me it was really fun and got some new experiences :D

note: this photo was taken by Jen lol

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love to Give Award

Yeay! Finally I will give some awards to my follower :) please take it guys :)

Thank you so much for helping me always, your comments and I love your blog
I love to read your blog dear :) really fresh! and thanks for comments
Thanks for always read my posts and give them comments :)) I really appreciate it

I love your posts they are so lovely and thanks for the comments dear

Please take them guys :)) my first given award to you. Hug and Kisses

Extraordinary Trip

Actually this trip was last year, in one week holiday. Mostly people in my country will go to other cities or going board and if not, they usually go to shopping center, but honestly I sick go to shopping center or malls they are really boring. I really envy with people who’s live in Europe, US and East Asia, they have many parks or places they can hang out, not only MALLS. I always want to feel it, so finally I decided my family trip went to grave yard. It was not because we have any family members in there, but I just wanted to see the statues or cemeteries and more than that I wanted to get extraordinary holiday :P sounds crazy, wasn’t it? So lucky for us we have grave yard with Gothic style, it was Netherlands grave yard. I was really excited about our extraordinary holiday trip, so when we arrived one word for this grave yard “awesome!” but the maintenance is very poor, quite dirty. I saw some of the cemetery stones with great statues like angel statues, priest, Holy Mary. And most of them are Netherlands and Chinese, I found a little cemetery house and my dad said they were be rich because they can had this special little house for their family members cemetery, and I saw the coffin’s carriage, wow! It’s so big and cool but spooky. So I went around and around, the grave yard quite big for me but my dad said, actually it were more bigger than now, but some of the lands already become streets and house. Honestly if the government gives more attention about heritage they will protect and care this treasure, I mean it can be like tourist attraction at least for local people. Well, it was not about ghost or freak thing, but how we appreciate something has been forgotten, not just by their family but also by us. So I posted some photos :D

The Little House

Anyone can read Dutch? :)

Coffin's carriage

Just click the pics if you want zoom in :)

When Life and Death like A String

Today is a shocking of my brother friend died, she suicide jumped from her apartment. I don't really know her but we have met before, she was quite close to my brother. She has twin sister actually, she was smart always get scholarship, she was also hardworking, she was pretty, she was very kind and always go to church, full spirit. That's why this accident very unbelievable. She didn't broken heart, she didn't have problem with her her family too, but they said she depressed. I don't know the truth why she kill herself, I really don't have any idea. I know lately so many people kill them self by jumped from the shopping center or apartment it's like a trend...horrible trend honestly! and it's not funny. Some people guess about brain wash like in Japan, I have watched some Japanese movie about brain wash but I just think that only in movie, but because so many suicide tragedies here, I start to think maybe it's right,maybe.....

I have seen some facebook user who's dead include my brother's friend, I feel so sad and scare...before they died..they still can play the social network like facebook, update their status and in a few days their friend comment in their wall said goodbye forever and sad it still can see their photo profile and smiled....but they had gone...most of them still young in 20's ages but the death had come to them. Not only because suicide but some of them had an accident like car accident, etc. But every time I see's so horrible... no permission, no warning...the death just come. Life and Death just like a string, very thin and fragile. My pray for her. RIP Cher.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Drawing MJ Edition

I love drawing or painting :), but I never drawn the real people before Michael is the first one :D I fell like got a miracle when I draw him. So I still learn and hope you like my drawing and please give any comments and which one do you like? :D

Little Michael

Michael and His Fedora

Michael Bubble Gum

Michael With Children In Africa

Michael with Little Girl IN Neverland

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Am Not

I am not me
Lost my soul
Lost my mind
But I keep my heart
I can not hear
I can not see
I can not speak
But I can FEEL

I am not beautiful
I am not smart
I am not talented
I am not rich
But I am not BLIND

About the TRUTH

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Books around me

Yes! I am a bookworm and I really proud of this lol :) so I will move to my new house maybe on April so a few weeks ago I try to arrange my books, and I have to accept a fact, my books separate in 4 places, my main bookshelf doesn't fix anymore. Maybe my collection not like you which is can be more than 2000 :) for novel I just have around 300 and yeah comics it's around 800 mostly--> (me and my brother collection). The exiting thing about my new house is I will have my own library yeay!!! I have been dreamed in on it for a long time... :) but the problem is I don't think we have money to but new bookshelf...actually I don't want put them on plastic shelf or boxes, I prefer wood I will try to figure it out how to buy or make new bookshelf...

I love physically rounded by books, they make me feel comfortable and like in another world. Beside my bed, always has books because I can't sleep before read a book or comic. :D I think I'm so lucky because my mom introduce me books when I was a child, she always bought me children books. Thanks mom for that habit :)

Every time I go to malls I have to visit a bookstore, check any new books or just window shopping in bookstore :) the sad thing is when I find a good book and I can't buy them because I don't have I have to wait until I got the money...

so I took some picture of my bookshelf and boxes lol

as you can see one of the shelf already broken XD