Sunday, November 11, 2012

Memorable Concert BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012

What can I say about this one? yes, I have to admit I'm a fan girl since I was born XD literally! Even when I was a child around 3 years old , I already watched music stage and music video on tv (in the late 80's and early 90's the singers always performed in studio to promote their music *even nowadays*) I just love music so much but dunno why I never be a real singer hahahaha ( yes I had been in choir ;p) I still wonder about it lol. I loved NKOTB * my first boyband I guess* lol I jumped on my bed every time I listened their music, MJ is one of my favorite singer too! well until today I still enjoy music in every genres from classic to hip hop, from country to rock. I follow and hear the music around the world, from east to west and west to east.

Now, who doesn't know about Kpop? they also called it "Korean Wave" actually before Kpop, Jpop and Jrock had become a star with millions fans in the world. let say.... SMAP, Kinki Kids, Winds, Arashi, News, Kattun and Hey Say Jump! and for Jrock the legend LARUKU, they had a great concert around Asia, SE Asia and even in French and US.

Same like a fashion, trend and life it's a circle! now Kpop turns ;) Actually in the mid to late 90 and early 2000 they had a quite famous girl and boy bands such as H.O.T , S.E.S, Fin.KL, Shinhwa, etc but at that time Jpop was too shine (their concept was a brand new in pop culture, their concert so awesome with hi-tech) so most people prefer Jpop than Kpop (but some people already love kpop at that time, HOT and Shinhwa very famous)

Well around all the Kpop super star I have some favorites ( I love them because their music and concept not their face) but the most I love is BIGBANG! *yes B to the I to the Bang2!!* lol and I also love 2NE1. I always wanna go to concert someday * I wished it since I was a child* I love to watched concerts and I collect concert dvds. But unlucky I didn't have money, and time, the ticket was very expensive to me. So right now since I become an adult I earn my own money and at the same time I heard Bigbang will come to Jakarta I made a decision I had to watch it!! must watch it....

13 October 2012 
I was so excited about their concert I bought the crown stick, wear shirt with Bigbang's logo, give a present for G Dragon aka Jiyong ( I admire him as a person, he's really hardworking, passionate generous and I think gifted, but to be honest I also feel he has a warm heart and sensitive *blush*lol ), I like him just the way he is.

So the queue was so crazy hahahahaha the fans had been there since morning! (the concert started at 8 pm) Oh my...... the location was on the beach so the weather was like a hell!!! I came at 2 pm >.< everybody really excited and happy *for sure*

well when we were inside the building and sat to wait the concert, they played Bigbang musics and everybody sing a long~ niceee :) the ambiance was so great! They played GD new song "Crayon" too!
And finally the concert began with the short movie and when the curtain was dropped, we could see the boys inside capsules and Still Alive Intro was played and at the same time Jiyong said "Jakarta, make some noise!" then followed with Tonight as an opening song. Gosh I got goosebumps!!! the energy was incredible, I was speechless, I just can scream, jump and sing together with them.... hahahaha. Still Alive *intro* followed with Tonight was the best opening songs that I've ever heard..... they grabbed fans the energy and emotion. It was my first concert and I really...really.... really love it and would never forget about that night.... if they come back again I absolutely will watch them :)

About their music, stage and performance what I can say..... addictive, playful and creative. I love people who has a great concept in their mind when they want to do something. Because concept always has vision and mission, and they are! Every time they release a new song I can hear their music become better than before, improve, and more creative. And their music, concept, style and fashion have inspired me a lot! I work and eat arts but in different media, but music has affected me so much. Thanks for a great concert! wish can see you guys soon :)

All Photos Taken by Phiez full credit to her ;)