Saturday, December 12, 2009

Me Jellyfish

I don't want post something depression or gloomy actually but I have to share it maybe someone has the same experience or maybe an advice.... it's almost 6 months i become a jobless, not really one actually I can't stay at home and keep silent... I have to move so..I join with extraordinary community which is give me so much chances and I really thank for that, we have some events and they are quite make me stress for fact, but I enjoy it. The problem is they are not a stable job...I need something seriously job it doesn't mean what i had done before not serious one. I am still looking who I am and what my purpose is.... yeah maybe you can tell me I am just think too much, but it's so important for me because life only once and very short.. lately I feel I am the stupid Jellyfish, just swim in the ocean don't know where I will go....

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