Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learning From The Sweets

久しぶりですね。。。。*too much dorama* lol. Actually I want make this post since a few weeks ago but I didn't get any guts hahaha and  I was quite busy. Well since I resigned from my lovely job as food writer and stylish *Honestly, the testing food part was awesome ;p* I try to make a patisserie shop, the problem is I'm not a chef and I'm not the expert bakery at all. I am just the foodie and mad about dessert, I can cook and baking for sure because my mom, my grand mother are the chef for our home and they also sell their products, you know... a home industry.

 My grand mother ( I called her Emak) was an incredible "chef" ! her food just like a heaven and she loved food so much! ( now I know where's my habit and my body shape come from wkwkwkwk). My mom is a great baker with highly patient attitude lol, which is I don't have it :( I am quite temper for sure but since I started making dessert, it's like a therapy for me. Honestly I have thrown away some batter or cookies or cake because they were not good enough and I didn't want to see them.....

But anyway the important thing is never stopped to learn and keep humble, when I have a little bit penny on my pocket (okay...actually we don't have penny lol) I will bought some cakes, dessert or cookies just for testing and from my tongue I learn about flavor, texture, etc. We can't always think our cakes are better than others, because when you think like that way,  you will be finished by ego. If you taste something below your standard, learn why the taste like this..... even from the worst you can learn something....

I have met a lot chefs, they are from 5 * hotels, cafe, restaurant until celebrity chefs, etc. I've met chef with a big ego and told me some lies, the idealism, the artisan, etc. Well.....they have their own taste and style but I don't care I just care about your cakes, your food and I learn....

Actually I just want to make the sweets, the dessert, the cakes, and whatever you call them... have the ability  to make people smile and happy.
Thanks to Bonjour for allowed me to take some pictures of your lovely dessert....the taste AWESOME!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Trick O Treat !!!

Ganti template lagi dan nama.... hmmm... rada2 ga konsisten ya hihihi ya well karna akhir2 ini kamar g berantakan buangettttt sampe temen g ada masuk kamar bilang kyk kamar cowok ( ゚ Д゚)!!!!! jd kayak nya nama blog g kudu ganti hahahaha *ga ada hubungannya sih* jadilah Messy Room karna kayaknya neh blog juga rada2 berantakan.... ngomong campur2 dari inggris dan Indo...yg baca pusing ga sih hahahaha....

I wanna say Happy Halloween everybody! it's already late actually but I want to post one event about OBAKE and Cosplay event on 30 oct..... acaranya sih sebenernya ga rame2 amat.... biasalah kumpulan para otaku indo hehehehe tp ya better than nothing deh ya, jadilah g betiga sama temen2 g ikutan itu acara.....

Temen g yg satu jadi Sadako, meskipun terkadang ada yg bilang kayak kunti hahahaha kesampaian juga g dandanin orang macam hantu hihihihi, sedangkan klo g konsep gothic aja deh, lg sibuk kerjaan jd ga nyempet prepare apa2 sayangnya g ga foto dari atas ke bawah..... ya sudah lah ya.... berikut foto2 nya mudah2an ga pada takut yak lol

note: Warning PG rating! I hope you won't scare yourself fellas!~(((((((っ´Ι`)ノ

i||l|i( ;゚∀゚; )||i|li; Sadako Vs Kuchisake onna nehhhh siapa yg menang yak kira2??
 btw itu yg jd sadako salah satu temen baik klo yg jadi kuchisake onna itu nemu aja disana hehehehe

Ini bukan penampakan tetapi sadako lg belanja sambil bbm wkwkwkwkwkwkwk

 Am I scary? lol I changed my profile pic on fb and twitter with this one hahahah

Duet maut (*^o^)/\(^-^*)

Happy Halloween 2011!!!