Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Books around me

Yes! I am a bookworm and I really proud of this lol :) so I will move to my new house maybe on April so a few weeks ago I try to arrange my books, and I have to accept a fact, my books separate in 4 places, my main bookshelf doesn't fix anymore. Maybe my collection not like you which is can be more than 2000 :) for novel I just have around 300 and yeah comics it's around 800 mostly--> (me and my brother collection). The exiting thing about my new house is I will have my own library yeay!!! I have been dreamed in on it for a long time... :) but the problem is I don't think we have money to but new bookshelf...actually I don't want put them on plastic shelf or boxes, I prefer wood I will try to figure it out how to buy or make new bookshelf...

I love physically rounded by books, they make me feel comfortable and like in another world. Beside my bed, always has books because I can't sleep before read a book or comic. :D I think I'm so lucky because my mom introduce me books when I was a child, she always bought me children books. Thanks mom for that habit :)

Every time I go to malls I have to visit a bookstore, check any new books or just window shopping in bookstore :) the sad thing is when I find a good book and I can't buy them because I don't have I have to wait until I got the money...

so I took some picture of my bookshelf and boxes lol

as you can see one of the shelf already broken XD

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