Thursday, March 11, 2010

Drawing MJ Edition

I love drawing or painting :), but I never drawn the real people before Michael is the first one :D I fell like got a miracle when I draw him. So I still learn and hope you like my drawing and please give any comments and which one do you like? :D

Little Michael

Michael and His Fedora

Michael Bubble Gum

Michael With Children In Africa

Michael with Little Girl IN Neverland


  1. Hi, Felicia!

    If you want to add an award to your blog, right click on the picture of the award and "save image as". Then click on customize at the top of your blog page, and click add a gadget. Choose the "picture" gadget. Click on the film icon at the top of the new box and then browse for the award and upload the image. (those instructions will be given, you just need to click on the buttons). When you have the image in the box, you can thank the person who gave it to you in the "caption" space. Then click save.

    Let me know if you have any problems. :-)

  2. wow thank u so much for your help :D yes got it :)) thanks again :D

  3. Still waiting for my request comes true...... LOL