Monday, February 22, 2010

I Admire You

We have people or someone who's be admired and give us inspiration, either for our life's education, or maybe for professional life. They are part of us even they don't know anything about us, don't know our name and who we are, but we feel like they are our family, our friends. Mostly they give you encouragement to be a better person and to catch your dreams, with their achievement, creations, statements and their own life. I have some who has give me motivation and effect me in many ways :D

1. JK. Rowling
Yes! the phenomenon author of Harry Potter series :) I know her books since I was 14 years old so it's mean has been 11 years :D, I heard her name and her books from news on TV and at that time her books hadn't be released in my country. 1 year after I watched that news I got a newsletter from one of famous publishing in here about Harry Potter book and I was so happy! called my best friend, told her about this book and she was so confuse what I was talking about. lol. So finally the books had been released and I become Potterholic hahahaha, until now for sure. Honestly the first time I saw her name I thought she was a man * sorry Jo*.

Her books have helped me in many ways especially for my senior high school life. I didn't like my first year in my senior, I hate my lessons, felt so lonely and abandon, School like a horrible thing ever! every time I went to school, I felt like go to hell, but Harry Potter has helped me to make school be better. I started to imagine my school like Hogwarts and I was in Gryffindor, the teachers whose I didn't like I set my mind they are Snape, Lockhart, voldemort, etc. And you know what,it was work :) I felt better and can pass my senior high school with joy :) I never forgotten about this. Somehow she has encouraged me to write and write :) because of her I decide to be a writer someday.

2. Michael Jackson
I have written about him before, but still not enough :). He gives me more than just motivation about the passion of work but also for life and spiritual, and I think not all artist can do the same thing like him. He has influenced me in many ways about music, arts, writing, and life. I love music because of him, I love concert because of him, I love poems because of him, I be and still wanna be a better person and more close to God because of him. He has encouraged me dare to dream and catch them with passion and hard work and don't forget with LOVE. Like I said before JK.Rowling encourage me to write and yes she does it for the first step, and the rest Michael does it I mean he makes me to keep my dream and makes it strong and he makes me sure about what is my purpose life for. He teaches me to be brave and dare and nothing possible as long you believe in :). Thank you Mike for everything :) LOVE

3. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

One of my wishes list and one of my childhood dream was be a detective, and it was because Sir Doyle :). He teaches me about logic and see other side in every case we have meet and every problems have their own conclusion. very use full for our life :)) he always be my favorite detective writer :D

4. Helena Bonham Carter

She's my favorite actress! She plays in many movie as an eccentric character with uniquely.I think she's brilliant! because not easy to play as eccentric character like that. First I don't really mention and like Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter series, but when I watched her as Bellatrix I said WOW!she's cool! she acts like a psycho and love to kill *gosh* same like in Sweeney Todd movie :D Excellent.
What I learn about her is be eccentric and different is not a big deal and they're a gift and we should explore and use them in positive way and it will be shine! :D She's awesome!!!!

5. Julia and Jamie Oliver

Two great chef! :) they inspire me to explore and make experiment about food :) and make me always try new stuff with new recipes that i never made before :D and of course not just delicious but healthy :D

They are some of people who's I admire :)because of them I can be who I am today:) and I really proud of them. LOVE!