Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 eleven, Glee and English Lesson

Last Saturday me and my friend Jen met our classmate when we were still in campus. She brought her new friend from Netherlands. When we knew it we were quite nervous because we scared with our English lol. For writing we still ok but speaking a big OH UH! it's not our habit to speak English in daily life. So we met them in Japanese Ramen restaurant and he was so kind :) we tried to speak briefly with him and lucky he got it ;P..felt so relief lol. So from that restaurant we went to 7 eleven, Me and Jen haven't gone to 7 eleven in Jakarta *they just opened it 2 months ago* and I wanted to buy slushee *I always remember Glee every time I see this drink* ;P I had tried this beverage before when I was child and never drink it anymore and as I know 7/11 has it, so we went there and unpredictable it was quite crowded, maybe because it was a weekend :) and finally I bought the SUPER BIG GULP!!blueberry flavor lol was really fun! and they sell many hot food like spaghetti, burger, sandwich, hot dog, bento. etc. I keep the Super Big Gulp cup until now and it was for Glee photo contest lol yeah hope I will win!! I love Glee so much, really nice series.
after 7/11 we went to Pisa cafe and we listened live music, talked with our new friend and it was really fun, he told us what his opinion about our country, and some story about his country, and he liked Michael Jackson too!! :D awesome! :))
actually it was a simple and casual weekend. But for me it was really fun and got some new experiences :D

note: this photo was taken by Jen lol


  1. :) me too!! I mean again lol :)

  2. Hohohoho really want to to to 7eleven.. heheheh btw sis, there is an award for you... please take it, sis :)

  3. u know what sist? im jelaous. disini slurpee itu jatohnya mahal. yg kecil aja harganya itu sm kyk yg plg gede di jakarta. cuih haha msh kebiasaan nge kurs in nih..

  4. @vamos: hehehe yeah you should :) I will put the award on my blog 2morrow :)

    @cellini: wow!! expensive :) but I think your slurpee more yummy than us * I guess* but yeah it's really cheap on here :D