Thursday, March 18, 2010

When Life and Death like A String

Today is a shocking of my brother friend died, she suicide jumped from her apartment. I don't really know her but we have met before, she was quite close to my brother. She has twin sister actually, she was smart always get scholarship, she was also hardworking, she was pretty, she was very kind and always go to church, full spirit. That's why this accident very unbelievable. She didn't broken heart, she didn't have problem with her her family too, but they said she depressed. I don't know the truth why she kill herself, I really don't have any idea. I know lately so many people kill them self by jumped from the shopping center or apartment it's like a trend...horrible trend honestly! and it's not funny. Some people guess about brain wash like in Japan, I have watched some Japanese movie about brain wash but I just think that only in movie, but because so many suicide tragedies here, I start to think maybe it's right,maybe.....

I have seen some facebook user who's dead include my brother's friend, I feel so sad and scare...before they died..they still can play the social network like facebook, update their status and in a few days their friend comment in their wall said goodbye forever and sad it still can see their photo profile and smiled....but they had gone...most of them still young in 20's ages but the death had come to them. Not only because suicide but some of them had an accident like car accident, etc. But every time I see's so horrible... no permission, no warning...the death just come. Life and Death just like a string, very thin and fragile. My pray for her. RIP Cher.


  1. I have read the news, sis, and it's frightened me as well.... I just wondering how people could have done something like that... Whatever it is, may she rest in peace.

  2. yes it is..I don't have any idea but depression can kill someone...