Thursday, March 18, 2010

Extraordinary Trip

Actually this trip was last year, in one week holiday. Mostly people in my country will go to other cities or going board and if not, they usually go to shopping center, but honestly I sick go to shopping center or malls they are really boring. I really envy with people who’s live in Europe, US and East Asia, they have many parks or places they can hang out, not only MALLS. I always want to feel it, so finally I decided my family trip went to grave yard. It was not because we have any family members in there, but I just wanted to see the statues or cemeteries and more than that I wanted to get extraordinary holiday :P sounds crazy, wasn’t it? So lucky for us we have grave yard with Gothic style, it was Netherlands grave yard. I was really excited about our extraordinary holiday trip, so when we arrived one word for this grave yard “awesome!” but the maintenance is very poor, quite dirty. I saw some of the cemetery stones with great statues like angel statues, priest, Holy Mary. And most of them are Netherlands and Chinese, I found a little cemetery house and my dad said they were be rich because they can had this special little house for their family members cemetery, and I saw the coffin’s carriage, wow! It’s so big and cool but spooky. So I went around and around, the grave yard quite big for me but my dad said, actually it were more bigger than now, but some of the lands already become streets and house. Honestly if the government gives more attention about heritage they will protect and care this treasure, I mean it can be like tourist attraction at least for local people. Well, it was not about ghost or freak thing, but how we appreciate something has been forgotten, not just by their family but also by us. So I posted some photos :D

The Little House

Anyone can read Dutch? :)

Coffin's carriage

Just click the pics if you want zoom in :)


  1. This post reminded me of Mary DeMuth's memoir, "Thin Places." Yes, death and life hover in thin places.

    Like this blog! Hope you'll visit my place soon!

  2. Hi Patti thanks for visit my blog and I'm so glad you like it :D oh yes I would like to see your blog of course :D Mary DeMuth? sorry I've not heard about it from a book?