Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have Been Fooled?

Today is April fools, I just remembered this day a few minutes ago ;P. Anyone of you have been fooled, today?  I don't know, I have been or not but I just found my deviant arts profile picture has been changed, I don't know it's a part of April fools or it has been hacked  *hope is the 1st one*  I saw some of deviant's profile picture has been changed too...and when I wanted to change my profile picture, it was disabled....oh God...hope it was about hacked things! *wish the best* and a coincidence one of my follower on twitter they said, one of their forum has been hacked too *sigh* But anyway I have fooled some of my friend to change my status on facebook *hah!* be in relationship lol and now I feel so bad and I think I will gonna tell them the truth...soon. lol

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