Monday, February 22, 2010

Crazy Week

Finally I got the new week, the last week of this month, time's like marathon and I'm still here even actually I have some improvement about my career life, just need one a good answer from that magazine but I send my wish to God's hand, I just do my best and the rest is God's work :) anyway last week was like crazy a lot of things I had to do, accordingly my job tests and meet my friends *I really love it* went to an other city, refreshing and got new adventure. But I don't have time to write my YA and honestly it makes me feel so guilty and stress. I should arrange my time better, so I think I should make some plans for this new week because I have some important occasions,one of my good friend will go to China and my cousin's getting married.Honestly I will miss her *read this phiez* lmao! because we spent many times to hang out and went to cinema *we love movies* and for sure one of woman's bad habit "gossips" . I will miss that moments :)
I know live must go on, but sometimes I feel like...when we're getting older we'll get new things and experiences but at the same time we lost many things. I hope I will get the great week, starting tomorrow!
New days but I already have my new schedule for tomorrow

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