Thursday, February 4, 2010

Michael Jackson is My Biggest Inspiration

I don't know how to write about him and my feeling about him because words never been enough. I have to look back my childhood until today, Everyone know he's the greatest artist in the world, he made so many changes in this life, not only in entertainment world like music, dance, and music video but he has changed many people's life including me.

I know about him from my parents it was around 1989, the first his video I watched is Beat it or Thriller, I forget which one or maybe both :). Since that day I admire him, I think he's really cool, great dancer and singer I ever known. My dad bought me a video which is called "Moonwalker" this video was the beta version and until now I still keep it. My childhood was filled by his music, dance and music video. I love to dance and sing, maybe realize or not he has influenced me. My parents are his fans too even my uncle :) and when I was in elementary school one of our TV local always show his concerts and I never missed it, even they played at 10 pm I made a promise to my parents I still can wake up in the morning, I started to know he loves children and had Neverland, I always dream and hope someday I can meet him and watch his concert, I promise to myself. But until he's gone I don't have any changes to meet him, and I really sad and mad, why I don't have enough money to buy his concert's ticket, why I don't have money to buy plane's ticket and everything I need to be there, and why he never come to my country.

I never passed his music, music video but I passed his cruel gossips not because I don't know but it's too cruel and heartless, I listened and read the news but one think I believe they are not true, I feel so sad and think like they talked about rubbish, they don't know who he is, they always make like he was strange and weird, but we are strange and weird with our ways. It's just because he's Michael Jackson, but please he's just a human being, has heart and can feel pains.

He has made so many charities, donates in everywhere, still love children with unconditionally love even people always make prejudice about him, he always give and give because he has said it makes him happy. He was care and sensitive man, and he's the chosen one, he's the visionary. Think and do more than anyone else, but what others did to him, judge him, make a joke about him. I think they and us have to take a look with our self what we have done? better than him? you can answer by your self.

What can I say...he's the package of completeness he can sing, dance, writing songs, poems, story, drawing, acting, directing, etc, and he loves this world, he loves earth, trees, animals, children, and he loves books :)he always see the positive things from others.

I see the perfect of imperfection, He really inspired me about this life and dreams. No one like him anymore, He's not God, Not saint, Not angel with white wings which is we can see by our eyes. But he's an angel in our hearts, in my hearts which is can be feel and see by our heart.

He teaches me a lot of things about this life, arts, hard work devotion and dedication. Because of him I dare to dream to be a writer and start to write poems, etc. Thank you so much Michael for everything and thanks to be you. :)
I make a new promise, one day I will go to his place in heaven and his prints on earth. I love you Michael from bottom of my heart, your body has gone but your soul never gone, but always be here in my heart. L.O.V.E!

my pray and love with him, his children and family.


  1. Nice story, sis...
    You made me cry in the middle of the night successfully. Tears of happiness, tears of sadness, tears of missing him a lot.

  2. Thank you dear and yes I miss him too...

  3. Wow. amazing! I love this post. You are telling the people who dont know Michael really, how he is! The REAL Michael!
    He was an angel walking the planet! =) And by your post, you prove that.
    Thank you dear, for spreading the word. Michael is immortal to us!
    His L.O.V.E is strong and powerful!
    God bless him and God bless you!!

    /Sofia (@MJMyWorld)

  4. Thank you sweetie :)) yes you right he's immortal and always live in our heart, and let the world know about his kind heart. He's not just an usual entertain, he's a magical. God bless you too :D LOVE!

  5. I also find it so hard to write about Michael...It's as if words aren't good enough to express how you feel about him :( This was such a lovely post :)

  6. yes dear it's so hard to write about him...because every time I want to write my heart like exploding so many feeling come out, finally I really confuse how to write him...he's such the real magic :) and thank you for read my post :)