Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Childhood or Teen's Wishes

I just saw my friend's blog p.h.i.e.z and I read her new post, it reminds me something about Dream jobs and Wishes, thanks to her :)

When I was senior high school, me and some of my best friends made "Wishes Lists" we have more than 100 wishes, mine is 140 wishes! we wrote them in the long white paper and draw it. I remember some of them, like I hope someday I will have a notebook, around the world, have my own library, school in Europe, be writer who can write and travel at the same time, be an Hollywood artist (LOL), can meet Daniel Radcliffe, Jk.Rowling, MJ, have a private island, magic wand,help people and make a better world, etc. At that time we laugh and think, if they can be real someday, it will be very great! We never thought or expect too much about our "Wishes Lists" and for me it was just like a game, but weird I still keep it below my old diary :)

So exactly today it had been 7 years ago, and when I opened it again, I found 22 wishes became real!!! wow! feel like a magic. But some of them still be my mission :) anyway I don't ask you to make the same thing like me but just keep believe it, but yes they need process and times.

Some of them make me feel so amazing because until know I still feel I can make it and they always stay in my heart.

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  1. Hohohohoho.... ganbatte sis!! hehehehe... It's nice to read what you've done with you friends... And yes sis, God sometimes answers our prayers and wishes, and sometimes we don't realize that. You're one of lucky people because you have written it down on a paper, so you know which one is become real. I don't know or remember whether my prayers or wishes had been answered by God or not, but I believe that God always hears my prayers and my wishes and He knows which one is good for me and he will answered it.