Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wish Me Luck!

It's such a long time I become a jobless not really jobless actually because I just can't stand and don't do anything so I make my self busy, like join a community and made some events with them :D and of course writing! So around 2 weeks ago I applied a job as editorial staff in local magazine for food column, so actually I don't expect too much about that because I don't have any experience before I just graduated and even I had a job training. So one week after I sent my application I got an email from them, they said they put me on their recruitment program and the first step I had to fill their form, questions and a test, I filled all they asked to me including they asked me to give them my writing sample and sample of food styling, oh my God I really confuse and didn't know what to do, my sample writing? I just thought if it's for food column so I should be write about food or restaurant at least, and the problem is I just have poems and novels which is never been finished, but I tried to keep calm and think what should I do, so I started to write about one of my favorite Japanese restaurant, I just do my best :) and I still confused it will be enough for them? so I called my friends and they asked me
"do you have some writing has been published?"
I said " yeah, soon on March but they are poems and one short story inspired by Michael Jackson and they are for Michael Jackson book."
and they said " put in together with your restaurant article"
laugh " are u seriously?"
They said " yes! just put in, they want to see your writing so put in."
I don't know why I did what they said to me even I really feel so weird but I thought "whatever will be will be" hahahahahaa and finally I sent it back, so I just wait and wait after 1 week without any notification I just feel like oh ok maybe they don't like or maybe my writing and my qualification don't match with their company. But a few days ago they called me and asked me to come and do a job interview and job test....I Just can't believe it!! but I know I should not be happy now, but at least I feel so thanks to God because I got the call :)))
I will do it on next Monday, hope everything will be ok and going well. If they hire me, one of my dream become true but if not nothing to lose :)) so Wish Me Luck all!!! :)) LOVE!


  1. Thank you :)) now I'm waiting for food styling test and interview..I'm scare huhuhu hope everything will be going well :)