Saturday, April 10, 2010

Favorite things= inspiration + your corner Part 1

We love and like so many things, from small to big, from usual to weird >.< but everything we love is about ourself . Favorite things are your inspiration to life, and these all things are you wanna do or achieve deep inside your heart. I don't know what all of you feel about favorite things but for me it's just like unidentified emotions...because they mixed everything, like happiness, sadness, anger, rebel, etc. But they make me move and  make my soul wake up and realize about my life and optimism about future...but at the same time I wanna shout out to the world " Hey I'm here! and I wanna do something big and special at least for myself." I will write down some of my favorite things and maybe you feel the same like I do.

1. Music
I'm not a musician, I don't understand about notes and I can't play instrument, but music talk about language and it's universal. Since I was child, I'm addicted with music. Music can change my mood and my mind so easily...and Music make my imagination fly away, and make some picture about the emotion what I feel about the music. Music also help me to write poem and find some unique words. I can be act like crazy when I listen music hahahahaha. Maybe some people will make a gap about music, like "oh I just love pop, or Jazz." "Rock is my life and the others just rubbish.", etc. But for me they are just a name...that's why every time people ask me about my favorite music, I really confuse how to answer the question >.< because I love all...I love music from the classic like Rachminoff no 2 Op 18 until Rock from The Journey or Rolling Stone or Kiss. Because they speak about this life with many emotions, and try to make people and this world hear and understand their soul and heart. I just can't imagine live without melody of heart.....

2. Books
I'm a bookworm :) yes books are my best friend . I can go to everywhere in this world and in not this world, I can go to every places, I can meet many characters and more than than I can find what's my dream. I spend a lot of my own money to buy books, I'm OK if I don't have any new clothes for Christmas or New Year as long I will get a new book. I remember when I was in elementary I just had limited money, the books and comics were so expensive even nowadays, the price of 1 book or comic, it meant my money for whole week,  so sometimes I had to keep my money for lunch to buy a book, and I was starving all day and a few days hahahahaha...because my parents mostly say NO if I wanna bought a book or comic...they didn't have enough money to buy their children books and my Dad...he doesn't like to read books, he just loves read newspaper, but my mom sometimes secretly bought me some books  :)
because it was difficult for me to buy books and other things and I had to work hard to get what I want, that's make me become someone who respect and take care too much my things and books. I can cry if my books broken, ripped,etc. I will feel broken heart hahahahahaha that's why I hate if see people throw their books and last week I saw a woman step on books!!! OMG!! I really wanna kick her! and scream at her " Please be respect with the books! they're crying idiot!." and my favorite book all the time is Harry Potter :) I have so many memories about Harry Potter in my life.

3. Movies
all my entire family is movie maniac XD we really love watch movie...and honestly it gives me many inspiration   about life and writing. I love musical movie, fantasy, true story, comedy, drama, history, action and even horror but I really hate the thriller with full of blood *yukzz* I can cry and can't stop laughing because of movies...I always see and learn about how the movie has made...and when I was in high school, I asked my parents to learn about cinematography after I graduated and the answer was NO. T___T sometimes I think my parents always say No rather than Yes....>.< and they just want their child like other child being "normal" and I said to my parents...sorry Dad and Mom you guys have a freak child hahahahahaha. My favorite movies are Harry Potter for sure because I love the books but I love others movie too like Newsies, The Secret Garden, etc. I love MOVIES!

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