Thursday, April 1, 2010

Award and Polling

All right April has come with some foolishness *April fools* lol, so it's mean my 2 polls have been closed I really thank you for everybody who has voted in my blog mostly they voted for excellent and very good :)) thank you so much for that, but I know this blog not good enough :) but I try to make it better :).
And for my TV series pool Glee be the winner :) , one voted for Gossip Girl and the other one for How I Meet Your Mother. I really can't wait for Glee volume 2 :D. Anyway I will make 2 polls for this month of for Book and the other one special for Glee. Hope you wanna voted them XD
Thanks to my friend Angie for the award I will put it later and I'm so glad you have come back!! yeay! lol

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  1. Hi sis.... Nice layout.... hehehehe... It's different from the last time we chat, isn't it??? Well, this is better sis...hehehehe