Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Dream Job Road

It's such really long time I didn't write my blog and honestly I feel so guilty...but so many things happened in a few months, I had write about I applied a vacancy to fill food editorial position in my local magazine before. Actually I felt so hopeless about that because they had a long process and recruitment but I just did my best and the rest is in God's hand. I applied this job since last year, and I followed their process since January with around 6 tests, I know work in magazine is quite difficult especially if I was not from journalism major, but I really love writing and work in magazine is one of my dreams job. For me it's such a cool job :), the tests were not something new for me actually because I did it as my translated articles (I have to thanks my lecture because after I graduate he asked me to help him, translate some chapters from his book *Marketing Books* for his PhD program), made a menu, interviewed, wrote articles,food styling, interviewed again,etc. But I was nervous but tried to be calm as I can XD...I just thought if this job for me and suitable for me I will get it, but if not let it go. So after the psychology test I had to wait almost 2 months and I thought "all right they didn't call me so maybe I didn't get this job". So finally they called me and asked me to interview..but after that I still have to wait a couple days and they called me again and I GOT THIS JOB!!!! oh my God...I really can't believe it!! I will work in one of famous local magazine!

I love to write and I love food and eat lol, I love cook at home, make some new recipes and styling them...I think it's part of arts :) I really enjoy doing I guess it would be great and lovely job. Actually I don't want to say it's a job but I prefer profession because I work for my passion and I will always learn and for this time I will learn from the best one :D 

well, it's really weird because for many years I dreamed about this...sometimes I acted like I was a writer in magazine, even in fact I was just a high school student, but now it becomes a reality....yeah we must dare to dream even everybody maybe say your dreams are impossible, but you know impossible is just a word and people made it...but beyond your ability and your imagination there's nothing impossible :)I really thanks to God, my family and my friends to support me....but it's not the's just beginning. Although it's my dream job but not always be perfect and happy, they would have tons of problems and unhappy moments. But I just try to make everything in positive ways and try my best because it's my choice. it's my dream.
pray for me and wish me luck for the first day next week :)


  1. hohoho sis... baru liat...kok template kita sama ya?? hahahaah aku udah pake template ini sekitar 1 bulan lalu... tp kerenan punya sis...hahahahaah.... gimana tuh sis pake bunga yg melayang2 itu??? hahahahaah