Sunday, November 7, 2010

RIP Our Dear Friend

Actually I wanna write about how excited I am about the last Harry Potter movie...but I just got a message my friend just passed away this morning....I don't really know too much  or close with him. I just knew him.  We were in different class, but in some subjects  we had to join the class together. I remember he was a tall and quite big guy with sense of humor.
It's so sad when you can see his words on facebook, sms or can hear his voice on absolutely gone....but just keep the beautiful memories about him and we will always remember him as good as he was. :)
Who ever he was, he's still a part of my life, our life......I'm sure he even didn't know my name..anyway...good bye dear in peace...I pray for your soul and may God forgives and keep you.

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