Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dare to Be Different

I don't even know...if I have sense of art or not, because when I enrolled for design major in a university they rejected me :). Maybe I was not good enough..... but I just can't lie to myself if I love design and arts. For me writing is a part of art, I love to make and create something. One thing made me happy when someday my boss said to me " you're eccentric!" hahahahah well, maybe not all of you like to be called like that, but for me it's really cool because people see and feel me with extraordinary thoughts!! lol *when you read this..maybe you'll say "oh're so freak!"* But like what Kurt Cobain said " I'd rather for who I am than loved for who I am not."

I realized why grown ups mostly forget what they dreams and passed their life with regrets, when you're working for something not really you.... actually you have been training to accept the ordinary life. yeah..the reason is always same in many centuries, money. But why we can't give our self a chance to be different.... ;P I'm still trying and  I always remind myself to not be like "nous= them!" hihihihi
I hope I can be more creative and not easy to give is really hard but still have a beautiful rainbow. I really need to be strong and tough but still have an honest heart :)) and more than anything still humble XD

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