Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Surprised

As Indonesian we really seldom to celebrate Halloween as a big event, especially when I was a child. Well... because I always excited about festival or events, I tried to make a little surprise for my friend in the office. So the idea is about little spooky with humor sense, and finally I made little coffins for them and the Dead's fingers, it was so much fun!! especially when I put them on their table....I really enjoyed watch every reactions on their face lol. Actually I wanted to make more snacks like blood candies and jelly eyes balls....but I didn't have much time to make them.....well enjoy the photos and TRICK OR TREAT----------------> sorry fellas it's too late.
Single Coffin ala MOI! ^^
Inside the coffin is mummy doll, dead's finger cookies, spooky candies.*who wants to buy just let me know*
 yeah! the delicious Dead's Finger XD everybody love them!!

Now it's time for me to think what I will do for Christmas......maybe I will try to make water globe with my picture inside hahahahaha!! I just really love do something with my fingers...that's why I love typing a lot lmao!!!

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