Monday, April 16, 2012

My Favorite Things, how about you? (Movie,Manga,Books,JDrama)

I have written about my favorite things before  Favorite things: Inspiration + Your corner Part 1 but it will never have part 2 hahaha that's my fault *lazy to make part 2*. Now I want to make it simple with a little explanation why I like it :) it's just for fun for sure, but they are a fact! and the lists will be long hahahaha

Note: all these pictures taken from google

Favorite Movie:
Harry Potter  ( my favorite movie all the time because I love the books so much!)
LOTR   ( the greatest fantasy movie ever and what can I say it was EPIC!)
Edward Scissorshands   ( sweet and nice story with the weird and Gothic ambiance and it's Johnny Depp!)
Sweeney Todd ( love the songs, great story and gothic)
Les Chrosites/ The Choir ( my favorite french movie all the time, great songs, great voices, amazing story!) August Rush (nice musical movie)
Dorian Gray ( dark, classic and Gothic)
Women In Black ( nice story and Gothic and played with my favorite actor Daniel Radcliffe)
The Exorcism Of Emily Rose ( perfect horror movie with the nice acting!)
Anne Frank ( One of the greatest history movie ever...)
The Secret Garden ( my favorite classic movie!)
The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button ( love the story)
Grace ( my childhood, great songs and yeah love Olivia and John)
Coco Channel ( the sweet history of Channel, love her hard work!)
Miss Potter ( classic and sweet)
The King And The Clown ( my favorite korean movie ever)
Omyoji ( love the story and my favorite japanese "horror" movie)
Titanic ( who doesn't?!, but I don't have any motivation to watch them on 3D)
Home Alone ( Christmas's movie and always be played on that season)
Pirate's Caribbean ( oh yeah! Johnny! hahahaha)
Sherlock Holmes ( my favorite detective!) 
Patisserie Coin De Rue ( my favorite japanese movie about pastry world ;) )
Chonmage Purin (funny and about pastry+samurai hahaha)
Pride and Prejudice ( always wish someday I will meet my own Mr. Darcy)

Favorite Manga: ( Until now I still love to read Manga hahahah )
Detective Conan ( no need reason just love the cases hahahah)
Shanao Yoshitsune ( I love this so much!! the nice history manga about Genji and Heike clans)
Black Butler ( bloody and gothic and funny! hahahah)
Nube ( I always love about ghost strories >.<)
Barista ( I love everything about f&b and this manga is really good to teach us about coffee...)
Phychic Detective Yakumo ( Ghost+detective= Awesome!)
Ghost Doctor ( need explanation?)
Yotsuba ( simple and lovely story, just love it = natural)
Doraemon ( hahahah never get enough)
Perfect Girl Evolution ( handsome guys, gothic and funny)
Miiko ( funny and cute and of course nice stories)
Pallete ( romantic and food)

Favorite Books
Harry Potter
Darren Shan The Vampire
The Historian
Artemis Fowl
Memoar Of Geisha
Sherlock Holmes Series
Wimpy Kid
The Secret Garden
The Spiderwick Chronicles
Granny Dan
The Little Prince
Namaku Hiroko
Burned Alive
Good Omens

Favorite J-Drama:
GTO ( School drama and I always love it, see how the teacher can close to their students with strange ways hahahha and it's funny too but a lot of serious issues)
Gokusen ( School drama)
Water Boys ( Even it's a bit embarrassing see the boys wear triangle swim pants but the story, the musics, the synchronized in the swimming pool really2 awesome!!)
Nodame Cantabile ( perfect music classic and funny hahahha)
Bambino ( food movie and pasta!! yummy!)
Hungry! ( funny story even I don't satisfied with the ending but, I love this drama talk about French cuisine)
One Liter Tears ( yeahh I spent my tears more than 1 liter you know....)
My Boss My Hero ( very funny!)
Ending Planner ( very nice story and we can see and face the death in different way)
Rebound ( food and romantic :) )
Onsen ( love to see authentic japanese food in this drama)
Antique ( all about pastry :)) )
Koukousei Restaurant ( no need to be asked hahahah)
Hana Yori Dango ( ahhh!! my favorite romantic drama lol )
Zettai Kareshi ( lovely story)
Attention Please ( very nice story)
Tantei Conan
Marumo No Okite ( teach us about life)
Hanazakari no kimitachie
Kurosagi (nice drama and story!)
Mei Chan No Shitsuji ( I just love everything about Butler hahahahhaha)
Team Medical Dragon ( one of my favorite medical drama)
Voice ( Medical drama)
Papa to Musume ( dad and daughter story, very nice and so funny! >.<)
Proposal Daisakusen ( sweet story)
Nobuta No Produce ( funny one!)
Densha Otoko ( very good story and so touching! and funny for sure )

To be continued... with the new categories XD


  1. Ohmai, I love Les Choristes! Sekarang JB Maunier udah gede & ganteng banget #lohhhh #ganyambung
    Gue tonton berkali2 itu film, bagus banget, bikin nangis juga.

    Kalo J-drama yg dari listnya gue suka Osen sama Voice. I adore Aoi Yuu, so simple& pretty.

    Anyway, salam kenal ya, terdampar disini. :)

  2. @smallbubbles : thank you for coming hehehe :D yep! les choristes bagus bgt,pertama kali ntn di festival film Prancis dan sejak itu suka banget.... haha iya uda gede :D

    ahh suka Aoi Yuu... icic :D berarti uda ntn patisserie coin de rue donk? ada Aoi juga disitu hehehe

    Salam kenal juga :)