Thursday, January 28, 2010

Writer wanna Be

I love writing since I was a child but for me it's just like my hobby, I remember the first time I made a short story because I didn't have money to give my bestie present. So I thought what should I do...then I tried to make a short story and now I forgot the title XD. But the theme was about teenagers life who has a magic power and a bit thriller, I think that because I read too much fear street hahahahahaha. So from that day I wrote a lot short story but the background and theme had changed be Chinese culture lol *Oh my God...* Now I wonder why I wrote about that.
So after the Chinese theme addicted had passed I wrote so many story which is never been finished, I call these file "Idea Bank" because they just have 5 pages until 12 pages I just can't finished them...
Lately I try to write poems and poetry, actually in many years ago I thought I wouldn't do that but the fact now I enjoy it :) and I show to some of my friends and they love my poems :D honestly it makes me so happy....and one day I showed my unfinished story to one of my friend and she said " you should write them till finish, I want to know the next". I'm not confidence to finish them but a month ago I decided to try write them till finish :) I know it will be hard and difficult but my friends always support me and give comments, advices for my writing. So now I have been in chapter 3 :) hope everything will be going well and someday and maybe a publisher like my story :)I would like to be a writer :) L.O.V.E

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