Thursday, January 28, 2010


I know this series have been showed since last year but I've not watched them especially they don't play on my TV local. So few weeks ago I saw people talking this series and my friend talked about this too, She said it's musical. That's why I'm so interesting with this series, then I searched about this in a forum and I got the link to download them..yeay!! yesterday I watched Ep.1 and I'm falling in love with Glee!! honestly I seldom to watch US TV Series except they be played in TV Local. Now Glee is my favorite TV show!! hahahaha
I love musical movies since I was a child like Grease, Center Stage, That thing you do, Bring it on, etc. I love music and dance. I was a dancer before :D and I had dreamed be a dancer someday lol, anyway I love the story and all songs in this series especially their voices so amazing. And they nominated *maybe win too---> not sure about this because I've not read the news* golden globe! Now I'm downloading the second part :) can't wait to watch it soon!

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