Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Off Day Pleasure

Since I have my own business off days seem like something precious and can't be predicted. Today I spent my time on my bed lol..... reading The Winter Traveler book by Erza S.T. Outside is very sunny and hot, but when I read that book I can feel the snow.... eat a nice cake and food, go to history places, opera, etc...... ahhh Je vais aller a Paris, Italy and Austria... :)

Especially when he talks about Sacher Torte di Hotel Sacher ahhhh I can feel the chocolate melt in my mouth........

My reading time today was really "me time", reading a nice traveler book and listening Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs...and eat Fleur and Cherry Mint macarons from Le Rouge Flamingo Patisserie what a fabs day!! Make my day like in Europe :)

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