Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Butler Cafe

Since I was child I already love all about japan especially their culture (traditional and modern), language, cuisine, people, and art. One of my favorite pop culture is about their theme cafes, they are outstanding concept, give more than expectation. 

I have heard about this cafe for ages and to be honest I love about butler concept because basically I love everything about vintage and traditional and 16-18 centuries, English or french theme. So Butler Cafe concept has been my final project (entrepreneurship), and I got A+ for this lol. But unlucky I have not been in Akihabara before and I really wanna try a glimpse of butler cafe's experience *for real*, well a few days ago we had AFA (Anime Festival Asia) okay maybe I'm kind of otaku girl hahahah but to be honest I'm not into the anime things I prefer manga (only a good story I collected), Jdrama, Jpop and Jculture and for sure their food.

Finally me and my friends went to this festival for meet the butlers lol. we had to wait 4 hours to get in *so tired* but lucky for four of us we worked in hotel and we are hotelier so stand for 4 hours is not really a big deal hahahha... our legs seem like a stone!! ;p

Actually when you're talking about butler or maid cafe, you're talking about experience and about service, how about food? I just can say it so so, nothing really special. The price also very expensive *no wonder*. Now I really really understand why theme cafes in Japan are very popular. Just for an hour you can forget all the bad things in reality life, and you won't never forget the nice experience you got in theme cafe. In this busy, crazy world theme cafe could be like an Eden for us.....

Note: Communication skill, marketing and good looking is very important things for these cafes :)

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