Monday, February 27, 2012

Beer For Kids *?* Kodomo no nomimono

I have a lot spirit to write a post right now ;) because today is my off day *yeay- I decided it by myself*. I have read about a beer can be consumed and made special for kids in Japan and it become a trend. I thought "what the hell is that?! it was a great idea!" Japanese people drink a beer like a water I guess hahaha I mean they drink it for relax after bathing, dinner, etc. Maybe their kids curious about what does it like, how the taste and why their parents/ adults really enjoy it and the "beer maker" thought it can be a great opportunity and no country has been made this kind of beer "Children's Beer!" hahahahaha okay it was just my assumption but I thing it's true....

Well when I went to a supermarket I found this kind of beer.... and I was really curious about the taste and finally I bought it. The soda, the color exactly the same as the real beer but.... the taste.... sorry I have to say it "quite gross?" >.< I don't know... maybe kids love them but not me, it tasted so weird.... I don't know.. maybe in Japan they have their favorite brand with different flavor, which is has a better flavor.... hahahaha

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