Monday, February 27, 2012

2 Months Ago

Hola!! *hi in Spain* well I know it has been too late but I wanna write about our very simple Christmas party last year ;p. I love Christmas so much, love the ambiance, love the spirit, love the food and love the decoration! but more than than I love the togetherness.... I decided to make a little Christmas dinner with very simple food hahahaha because I didn't have so much time and money to make it glamor or spectacular, I just wanna celebrate it with my little groupie lol. Unfortunately one of my best friend can't come because had a family dinner.... well just 3 of us had a dinner at our lovely balcony and before this Christmas dinner, we also have an gift exchanged and I got Glee Christmas 2 CD hahahaha so lucky!! ;p Hope I can make it again this year :)

* Our photographer wanna be! lol 

 The aromatic roasted Chicken, delicate aglio olio spaghetti, massed potato, carrot and the awesome mocktail from my friend Nori and of course the little chocolate snack from Phiez !!! yeay!
Lets dig in!!!

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