Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ameteur Gastronomy

Another birthday party at balcony, but so unlucky only the first course we could enjoy with the dawn outside because it started to rain so it was moved inside >.< damn you rain!

Well I'm not into molecular gastronomy things actually but I love the ideas and I really appreciate them (chefs) who has passion in molecular gastronomy the looks like a chef mixed scientist hehehehe  and I always been amazed with their creation. So on my bday party this year I think I would like to make something unusual and something more artistic with a lil bit molecular gastronomy touch or looks like that. I have ordered soy lecithin but unlucky until the date the supplier hasn't sent it.... so need improved with something else.

Need to remember! I didn't have enough time to make these food before the big day because had a lot of cakes orders, etc. So just used my feeling and tried to imagine the technique and process on that day so these three dishes have not been tested before so it was the first time hahahahaha.... now I invite you readers to enjoy the dishes ;p

 I sent this invitation via mobile hahahhaa... I enjoyed make this invitation and courtesy image by Beluga 

 The Party started with cheers! *before rain*

 This first course called La Plage inspired by Chef Sebastien Bras

    Onion stuffed with ricotta cheese and apple caramel . Thanks to @phiez! :) I was so busy to            prepare and can't take picture T__T

        Wine Beef with Jelly Herbs Mint and Edamame Sauce

 hahahahha the dessert quite messy... my kitchen very hot and I forgot to put the jelly in the last step so it melted T________T

    One Plate: Cranberry mousse, homemade marshmallow, raspberry jelly, cherry jelly, almond, fresh
    raspberry with jam inside

                                                                                    My Guests

                                                                                The Gifts

                                                                 Played with the drink and jelly
      Behind the scene: They are the head chef until commis hahahahahahahhaha *kidding* lol thanks
      for the help girls!

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